Build the Metaverse

The Decentraland SDK provides everything you need to start developing games and applications. Control every object, model, sound, and Ethereum transaction in your LAND parcel.

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npm install -g decentraland Installing [================] 100% dcl init # Describe your scene! dcl preview # Preview your scene dcl deploy # Publish your scene for the world to see!

Take control of your workflow with the CLI. Create, manage, and test your scenes before sharing them with the world.

$ npm install -g decentraland


Memorable experiences demand interactive content. Use TypeScript and our API to start building complex scenes and expand the possibilities of your LAND.

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Decentraland scenes require lots of moving parts, so we’ve written some documentation to help you get up to speed. Our tutorials and examples explain all of the tools and techniques that will allow you to make the most of your LAND.

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What can I build in the Metaverse?

We are already seeing some exciting development in Decentraland! Our partners at Etheremon and Qwellcode are actively building some of the first crypto games to be featured on our platform. By intersecting WebVR and the Ethereum blockchain, Decentraland creates endless opportunities for social, immersive, and interactive experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How large is one parcel of LAND?

Each parcel of LAND within Decentraland is 10 meters by 10 meters. Genesis City, the first city within Decentraland contains roughly 90,000 parcels, so the community has plenty of space to start building on!

What can I build on my LAND?

The Decentraland SDK has been optimized for developers who want to build social games and applications on top of Ethereum. These take the form of 3D scenes, comprised of 3D models, textures, sounds, and scripts. Scenes can range from static and single-player, to interactive and multiplayer. Check out our examples to see what you can build with the Decentraland SDK!

How will my content be rendered, and how will users be able to interact with it?

We are developing the web client that will allow users to explore Decentraland. All of the content you upload to your LAND will be rendered and viewable through this client. We have included a preview tool in the SDK so that you can preview, test, and interact with your content in the meantime.

When will people be able to view the content I build inside Decentraland?

The client is under active development. We're shooting for a public release by the end of 2018. Stay tuned for future updates!

Is the SDK available for Windows?

Absolutely. We've made sure that the SDK can be run on Mac, Windows, and Linux. For specific Windows installation instructions, see our Quick Start Guide.

Do I have to know how to code to use the SDK?

The Decentraland SDK is a set of tools designed for developers, so basic web development experience, and being comfortable running commands from a terminal, are needed to use the SDK.